The future of future startups

Research has shown that for new startups, timing is everything.
The exemplary success of Air-bnb is largely due to timing: emerging at the height of the recession, when ordinary people desperately needed to make extra money.

A similar story is seen with Uber, who’s success is also largely due to fortuitous timing in relation to the recession, offering drivers an easy way to make extra money.

While it is clear that being in the right place at the right time can be make-or-break for a new venture, the future is of course not set. It is not always clear how the entrepreneurial person should plan for future events. With this catalogue, following

extensive research into the history of successful start- ups, we present a number of business plans for future startups, each focused

on a different future pre- diction. Should these pre- dictions become reality, the corresponding venture can be launched right on time, greatly increasing the chances of success.

This book is inspired by anti-fragile thinking

In Collabooration with Nina Luisa